When a river is more than full it will overflow and find a place in distant fields. In the same way the missionary zeal after filling the native place will try to find some other destination. In 1835, when France was under the clutches of French Revolution, one man of God, Fr. Moreau, founded a religious community to help the people. After a tumultuous period this community got a strong foothold. It was named Holy Cross. Canada was the fortunate country to receive this community and became a strong fold for this community.

Some decades ago there was an urge in this community to spread its wings to different countries. A fervent gust of missionary zeal blew some young religious to Bengal. Some of them with inexhaustible enthusiasm found a place in India. They were all far-sighted religious individuals. It was little doubted that these band of young religious would form a long-standing religious community in India. They were groping for truth in the complex Indian society. This led them to find satisfaction in the field of education. Education field was not something new to them. They had already some successful expedition into this noble field in far more developed countries.

Plato said, “The guardians of state should not know their parents.” These religious left all their kith, kin and comrades and came to this unknown, fascinating India. What is surprising is that there was real warmth and affection between these religious and the natives. Both the groups joined hand in hand to develop some schools of excellence, which could send good citizens into the social stream.

It was Divine providence that the Brothers of Holy Cross chose Salem among all other places to start a school in the year 1963 as a legacy of their hundred years of educational expertise in the west. It had a humble beginning as all the good things begin. Not even its founder would have thought that a school started with just five students would grow up to be an institution to keep 4000 students and 200 staff in its portal.

The Congregation of Holy Cross consists of Brothers, Sisters and Priests.

1820 – In 1820 at Ruillie sur – Loire, Le Mans diocese, France,Fr. Jacques Dujarie founded the Brothers of St.Joseph

1835 – Upon the death of Fr. Dujarie, Fr. Basil Moreau succeeded Jacques Dujarie as the Superior of the Brothers of St. Joseph. He transferred them to a place called Holy Cross (Sainte Croix) in LeMans

1837 – On March 1st, Fr.Moreau united the priests, whom he has gathered under him, and the Brothers of St. Joseph, by the fundamental act which marks the foundation of Congregation of Holy Cross.

1852 – Holy Cross Brothers, Sisters and Priests reached Dhaka in Bangladesh.

1960 – Three French Canadian Holy Cross Brothers: Godfrey Danis, Louis Leduc and Donald Nadeau took up their residence at St. Theresa’s Industrial School, Maraveneri, Salem – 7, to establish the Holy Cross Brothers in Tamil Nadu.

1963 – Holy Cross School was started with 5 boys as the first students and Bro. Donald Nadeau as the first principal. Bro. Louis Leduc was the builder of Holy Cross School.

2008 – Notre Dame of Holy Cross School (CBSE) was started with 453 students from LKG to Std IV.