Vision & Mission

Holy Cross Matriculation Higher Secondary School, a minority school for boys, was established by the Brothers of Holy Cross in 1963 with the sole purpose to evangelize and to educate in true Christian faith, firm values and high ideals to the student community, respecting their religious sentiments and freedom of conscience.

As a Catholic School, we are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from the earliest stages but also for the formation of character by inculcating sound moral principles, as Fr.Basil Antony Moreau, our founder envisaged when he said: “True education consisted in forming the hearts of the young people”. Holy Cross is part of a heritage that places equal emphasis on educating the mind and the heart.

The school views itself as part of the mission of the local diocesan church. It serves a diverse population desiring to build a community implanted in the virtues of discipline, reverence, zeal, vigilance, self -control, meekness, patience and prudence.

The school approaches its responsibilities with a worldwide perspective instilling creative thinking in students and widening their knowledge, vigilantly safeguarding them against the inroads of all deviations. The school’s mission includes helping students become active and informed citizens realizing their self-worth.

Academic excellence, moral formation and all round development are the steel frame on which every direction of the school moves. Holy Cross prides itself in offering the state of the art facilities for co-curricular and extra curricular activities paving the way for education for life and not just for the present.

Our school is a community linked service centre that caters to the needs of the poor and the under-privileged through its Rural Development Centre. It helps students gain knowledge on the values of living together as brothers and sisters setting the goal on accomplishing excellence. It is our desire to make our students aware of their responsibilities to care for and to serve those in need.