Audio visual theatre:
Ours is a multimedia based education providing both sound and visual components, which facilitates and educates the students using interactive technology. The students view slides, documentary films and quiz programmes to enrich their knowledge with a goal of improving comprehension and retention.

Our library ensures that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading. It serves as learner-oriented which support, extend and individualize the school’s curriculum. The vision of our school library system is to lead through innovation, collaboration, advocacy, education, impacting student achievements. We have children’s books, literary pieces, autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction, encyclopedias, Shakespeare’s novels etc.

Language Lab:
Ours is the state of the art language center specially designed to support English language development and promote communication. Students have ample opportunity to practice English through audio-video programmes i.e. phonetic symbols, pronunciation, etc. and interactive English language-applications available to individual students.

Skating Rink:
Roller skating rink features a spectacular 25 meters rink overlooking the main building with ample space for those not quite ready to lace up their skates. Floors are well maintained with a good atmosphere. Lace up a pair of skates and head out to our skate floor at Holy Cross. The students not only have a great time, but also get an excellent cardio-vascular workout when they skate.

Educational tours:
Teaching in our school is not confined within the walls of the classrooms but beyond that. Learning from travel and learning to travel is fun, enriching and life changing. We make it happen. We have been to Egypt, Singapore, Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Black Thunder, Wonderla and many more exciting places. Every trip is as unique and memorable for our student travellers alongside their peers and teachers.

Our syllabus ensures a fair and impartial understanding between the teachers and the students. With the introduction of equity syllabus; we have added language proficiency, hand writing classes, drawing, music, value-education, language-lab, audio visual lab, etc. that sets our school apart from others. Our school provides a specific curriculum to maximize efficient learning that combine a tradition of academic excellence in a flexible environment.

Our campus is equipped with CCTV cameras for surveillance of the areas frequented by the students. Recently, schools across the length and breadth of the country have resorted to the use of CCTVs for policing campus activities and to keep the students in check and under control. This is a laudable initiative taken by the administration to cover the entire campus under CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of the students. Our School is fully committed to the provision and maintenance of the school environment as far as is reasonably practical, safe and secure and any risk to the security of the school or students is deemed unacceptable.

Our School has an immense concern for our boys regarding their physical fitness. The rise of obesity in young children has become a growing concern in India. In the last ten years, our culture has changed dramatically. Our nation was once a physically active nation, yet now it seems that society discourages physical activity. Physical fitness is important for health. Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life. It is important for young kids to stay physically active. Student’s involvement in physical education teaches them about lifelong fitness.

It is an obvious fact that physical education classes, when made mandatory, would help improve the physical health of the youth across India. Obesity also leads to hypertension, sleep amnesia, diabetes, asthma, and many other serious problems. With a world class gym in our school we have made it mandatory for students to have physical education classes and practice at gym.

We have a promise to keep to the next generation, that to make them fit throughout their entire life through a habit of having regular exercise. We believe that a fit body will have a fit mind inside to have bright, sharp, disciplined, humble, educated and quick mind inside to take part in teamwork to develop our country. Also we work through a motto to have success through hard work. Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life.

Thus at Holy Cross School, have a world class facility in

Basket Ball
Cricket net for practice
Big Play ground

Home away from home

On 9th of January 2014, the hostel building of holy cross school was inaugurated by Bro. Sesuraj CSC, the vicariate Superior by unveiling Plaque. Bro Aurele CSC cut the ribbon and Rev Fr. Richard V. Warner, the Superior General of Holy Cross Congregation blessed the hostel.

Our hostel has the capacity to provide excellent home for 200 boys with hygienic food, laundry and wash rooms. For the security and safety of the students various precautions have been taken such as the presence of 3 Hostel Wardens and 5 Teachers who are staying at hostel, Roll Call at hostel and CCTV surveillance etc.

Air Conditioned & Smart board Class rooms:
The tiny tots of our school are provided the most comfortable and friendly environment to make them feel at home. They are provided with air-conditioned classrooms and smart boards.

SMS & Voice Call info to parents:
Precious things are supposed to be kept safe and also to be looked upon very much, even if the things are away from us. Better communication will deliver the maximum satisfaction to the parents about the status of their children at school. We believe parents do have a keen interest to follow the daily work of their sons. Hence, we have the adopted a system to send unique details like home works, results, bus timing and daily exam performance of 10th & 12th Std. students etc. through SMS to parents daily.

Excellent transport facility with all safety measures that covers the entire Salem town and its outskirts is available at school. Separate bus trips are operated for the primary and higher secondary students in keeping with the regular school hours. In addition to this bus facility is available for the students those who stay back at school for special classes and for special programmes. Teachers are also provided a special bus trip in the evening covering all the bus stops. At present for excellent connectivity we have 20 well maintained buses with safety norms operating covering almost 150 stops in and around Salem City and its outskirts.

Maths Lab
From the curves and shapes of a baby’s building block to the axis of the planets there are calculations and mathematic equations everywhere.

At the Mathematics Lab we make the students to have a better attachment toward mathematics by learning it in an easy way. We are making the students excel in mathematics with the facilities we have such as computers, models, experimental models & other aids to learn Mathematical skills.

Science Laboratories
Theoretical knowledge alone won’t make a student acquire knowledge. Hence we have provided our students with excellent and fabulous science laboratories for acquiring practical knowledge. In addition to the conventional Chemistry and Physics Labs with their respective components and equipment we also have our Biology Lab.

At present we have a high class Biology Lab with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction equipment from Eppendoff for the polymerase & recombinant DNA studies)

We have AGE (Agarose gel electrophoresis) Apparatus for the DNA genome separation

Micro pipettes can measure accurate of 5ul.

Well-equipped transfer hood, Micro weighing machines, Tissue culture facilities, Microbial cultural and incubators, Microscopes are available at our school.

The classrooms in Holy Cross are spacious and aerated in nature. The very first block of classrooms are built not only with bricks and cement but also with the sweat of the pioneer bothers such as Bro. Louie c. s. c. who toiled and supervised the construction of the Main Block. Today, every classroom is equipped with adequate fans and lights, in addition to the cupboards and display boards and notice boards. Every student is provided with an individual desk with shelf and chair.

The air-conditioned LKG and UKG classroom are equipped with Smart Boards, Special Display Boards and space for classroom activities.