The term counselling refers to working with individuals and providing them an opportunity to explore, discover, discern, clarify and illuminate. It is a therapeutic and growth process to dig below the surface and talk about things we feel uncomfortable and disturbed about. Counsellor empowers the individual to choose a certain path or sort out certain issues affecting life. It is a way in which one person shares his or her problems or thoughts to the Counsellor Psychologist who understands him or her empathically and counsels him / her in order to clear the confusions or solve the issues, rectify the environmental or adjustment difficulties. It is a methodological way that involves tests, interviews, case studies, observational and correlational studies, personal chat, etc., whereby to receive relevant information to solve the problems / confusions encountered in everyday life. It is aimed at removing all that hampers and enables him/her to contribute more to oneself and the society. Counselling is often misunderstood in todays’ Indian situation. It is for normal people and is educational, vocational, situational and problem solving. Young students today encounter relentless challenges from varied arena like educational, media, moral, relationship, societal pressure, etc. More and more people are becoming aware of its prominence to the future of the individual in the competitive world. Thus Counselling caters to the challenges of the society today.

Holy Cross School offers this opportunity to the students, parents and teachers. There is a simple procedure in the school that if the boy has any learning or behavioural difficulties, he is identified and sent to the Counsellor. The Counsellor in turn counsels him and if needed the family and tries to remedy the situation.