1. The students are expected to be in appropriate uniform prescribed for the class days. This reflects schools pride and student’s value; it certainly helps to establish the tone of the school. It is our firm belief that a proper school uniform is conducive to better class room behavior.

2. The school uniform is compulsory on all school days except Saturday. all the students are expected to come school daily in freshly laundered uniform with clean socks and well polished shoes with laces. Neck tie is to be worn on Mondays.

3. Any student who comes to school in a slovenly condition will be sent home. If he continues to offend in this respect, he will be asked to leave the school. Pupils hair should be well trimmed and combed.

4. school uniform must also be worn during all the days of examinations, including public exams, school functions and special classes.

5. a) the Pants are of charcoal Gray colour – Holy Cross Grey

b) The shirt is a plain white shirt (Half sleeve) with tie collar.

c) A clean pair of black leather shoes with lace and white socks should be worn on all working days. No student is allowed to come to school barefoot/ with slippers.

d) School belt with monogram engraved on metal

e) Sports Uniform: Each student should wear a white school banian, sports shorts (the colour of shorts, according to the House), white canvas shoes and a pair of “Holy Cross Socks” For uniformity of colour and design the sports shorts, socks and banian will supplied by the school.


The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every student should take special care of it and bring it to his class everyday . A duplicate school diary can be purchased by the students only on written request from the parents and with the permission of the Principal. A fine of Rs.25/- plus the cost will be charged if the student has lost the original diary.


1. Fees can be paid annually or in four installments. School fees are collected by Indian Over Seas Bank, Udayapatty, Salem-14 on days specified in the school diary.

2. Following are the date on which bank collects the school fees:

I- Term From 5th June to 20th June

II – Term From 1st August to 16th August

III- Term From 1st November to 15th November

IV – Term From 5th January to 20th January

3. A sum of Rs.10/- per day will be charged as fine up to a maximum of 7 days after which the name of the boy will be struck off the rolls. If readmitted, he will have to pay fresh re-admission fees of Rs.500/-

4. A boy joining or leaving the school during the academic year will pay the fees for the whole year.

5. No students is permitted to sit for the examination if any dues remain unpaid.

6. Fees once paid are not refundable.


1.Punctuality and Attendance:

Pupils must be punctual for classes on every working day. Late should not enter the class without the written permission of the Principal /Vice Principal. No pupils may absent himself without obtaining prior permission. Absence will be indicated in the attendance register in the following ways:

a) If the boy has submitted a leave-letter ‘L’

b) If the boy has submitted a sick leave letter with medical certificate ‘S’

c) If no leave-letter is submitted ‘A’

2. No absentee should enter the class without the written permission of the principal or the vice principal. In case of sickness or any other unavoidable circumstances, the principal must be informed in writing in time along with a Medical Certificate.

3. A student absenting himself from school for one week in succession without permission will be marked ‘LEFT’ . He will not be re-admitted as a matter of course. If there is to be re-admitted he will have to pay a readmission fee of Rs.500

4. For leave of absence for one or two days , it is sufficient to apply through pages allotted in the school diary. for leave of absence for more than 2 days, a leave letter must be sent through the student to obtain prior permission from the principal or vice principal. Leave applications must always be addressed to the principal.

5. Absence of all kinds has to be explained by the parents or guardians by means of an entry in the space provided in the diary.

6. A Student absenting himself on the reopening or closing days of the term or after special holidays like Christmas, Deepavali, Pongal, Mariamman Festival, etc. will have to pay a fine of Rs.50/- for each day of absence, Absence without prior permission or proper authorized a fine of Rs.50/- will also be charged.

7. Absence from school during test/ examination will never be condoned except in case of illness. Application / Medical Certificate for leave on examination day for the pupils should be personally submitted to the principal by the parents on the same day. The school conducts no retest or re-examination.

8.Any student who fails to secure 85% attendance during the year is liable for detention from the final examinations.

9. As a general rule not more than one day of leave absence shall be granted for the wedding of a near relative or any social function.( Three days, when far from Salem)


1. NO MONEY or articles of presentation shall be collected by anybody without the express permission from the principal.

2. Any organized activity in the school can be conducted only after getting the prior written permission from the Principal.

3. No body is permitted to leave the school during the school hours without the prior written permission from the Principal.


1. There are four Terminal Examinations. They are generally held in July September , December and March. Mid-Term tests are conducted in June, November and February

2. After the Terminal Examination (Except final term) and Mid-term tests, the answer paper of the students from Std. VI to XII will be sent to the parents through their sons for their perusal and signature and they should be returned within 2 days

3. Open Day-Class Parent’s Day: Progress reports showing the results of the students will be given to the parents after every school terminal examination on the Class Parents Day specified in the diary. The Parents are expected to meet the class teacher on the class Parent’s Day when progress reports will be handed over . The Parents whose sons have failed in any subject are requested to meet the concerned subject teachers as well. They should also make sure that their sons or wards make consistent effort to study those subjects in which they are weak. It is compulsory on the part of the parents to attend the class parents cay held in school after terminal exam.

4. Progress Report :

It serves the purpose of informing the parents about the progress of their children. Each time it is issued, it should be carefully studied and signed by the parents/ Guardians and returned the next day. Any irregularity in this regard will be dealt with severely.

5. The marks obtained in the four terminal examinations will be considered for promotion. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance acquiring a minimum of 50% marks for the classes VI, VII, VIII, IX and XI. A pupil who fails to attain the required standard in all subjects will be detained.

6. Failure for a second time in the same class shall result in the dismissal of the boy concerned.

7. If a boy absents himself from any test or examination he shall marked absent and given zero. Absence from one or more subjects will result in the loss of marks for these subjects and excludes the student from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examination.

8. The school reserves the right dismiss those whose progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose parents/ Guardian show little interest in the progress of the wards.

9. Promotion once decided, are final and can not be reconsidered. (Hence, Parents are requested not to disturb the principal for any reconsideration).

10. No Promoted Transfer Certificate will be given to failed candidate

11. Physical Education: Grades are given for the students, but failures in physical education will not deprive the boy of rank.


The bus fees should be paid along with the Quarterly Installments.

Once a student enrolls to avail himself of the school conveyance he is expected not to withdraw from traveling from the school bus for a minimum of one academic year. He will have to pay all the four installments even if he withdraws.